About me 

My passion for fitness began 6 years ago when I started training with an online personal trainer in London, this was to get me mentally and physically fit for my new journey in the British Army. With a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym week on week and changing my unhealthy lifestyle for new healthier lifestyle choices including nutrition I began to see what my body was capable of. This inspired me and left me wanting to push myself beyond limits I never thought my body was capable of.

During my time in the British Army my fitness kept improving but along the way I faced barriers that made it difficult to keep on top of the improvements I had made. Situations like being on exercise in remote areas of the country without access to gyms for numerous weeks, being abroad in foreign countries for six months that had poor choice of nutrition which made it a challenge to keep in the desired shape and level of fitness I had wanted.

I managed to deal with these barriers by doing the best I could with the facilities and nutrition I had available to me, through this experience I can help people who feel they are or have been in the same situation and together we can make positive changes to your lifestyle.

I’m an enthusiastic, approachable and highly motivated individual who enjoys meeting and working with a variety of clients and I want to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. When I left the British Army I took with me life skills I will never have gained had I not joined the military, I strive to deliver professionalism and provide dedicated coaching whilst being determined to get the best out of my clients to improve longevity of their lives. I will ensure I take a tailored approach, designing personalised and effective sessions whilst making realistic recommendations to your diet/nutrition which will gain results, especially in the long term.

Daniel Graham

Registered Exercise Professional

Daniel Graham (Membership Number R0189247) has met the required Industry Standards and is admitted to the Register of Exercise Professionals and is bound by the REPs Code of Ethical Conduct which determines the rights, responsibilities and principles required in the conduct of an exercise professional.

My Approach

It is indispensable to have an in depth and detailed consultation before I design your programme due to the various factors that I may need to consider. This will give us the chance to discuss any injuries you may have suffered in the past or have currently and any further concerns you may have.

Recording your current health and fitness results will help to give us informed targets to achieve.